iPhone 6, 5S, 5C Repair Metairie

New Orleans & Metairie iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 Repair Store

iPhone 6 Screen & LCD Replacement

iPhone 5S/5C Screen & LCD Replacement

iPhone 5 Glass (digitizer) / LCD Replacement

iPhone 4S Glass (digitizer) / LCD Repair
Broken Screen?  Digitizer nonresponsive? By design  Digitizer and LCD has to be replaced together on iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Back Glass Replacement
if your iPhone 4S back cover looks rough with scratches and cracks or just shattered. We can replace it for you.

iPhone 4S Home Button Repair
Is your home button dysfunctional? Does it only work half the time. We can repair your home button very quickly.

iPhone 4S Battery Repair
Does your iPhone Battery drain very quickly, or doesn’t hold its charge? We can replace the battery on your iphone4.

iPhone 4S Camera Repair
Are you unable to use your camera properly? Does it stay shut when you select the camera option? Have a new camera installed at our facility.

iPhone 4S Charger Port Repair
Are you unable to charge your phone, is your phone not recognizing your charger? Have your iPhone 4 charge port replaced.

iPhone 4S Power Button Replacement
Power button non-functional or you can’t press it? We can replace it for you.

iPhone 4S Volume Button Repair
Can’t adjust volume? This iPhone 4 repair requires volume button to be replaced.

iPhone 4S Mute Button Repair
Did your mute button/ vibrate switch fall off, or does not function properly? This repair is the solution to getting it back to working.

iPhone 4S Headphone Jack Repair
Unable to hear when plugged in a headphone? This iphone 4S repair needs Headphone Jack replaced.

iPhone 4S Earpiece Speaker Repair
Are you unable to hear the caller? Sound quality is not clear? This repair will replace the earpiece on your iphone4

iPhone 4S Microphone Repair
You can hear when you call, but people cannot hear you. Your Apple iPhone 4 needs to have the microphone replaced.

iPhone 4S Loud Speaker/Ringer Repair
Your iPhone 4 will not ring or the loud speaker seems distorted.